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I decided to write in english now. I know it's quite terrible, but i hope you will understand.

So, i'll write about concert of Maybeshewill, that i visited not long ago.

The first thing I saw when I came out of the subway - a 18-years guy with a sign of HOPE in the hands. I think this is more than symbolic.
He was standing near the exit of the subway Chkalovskaya and nearby rookery was homeless. By combining these features, I concluded that our roads are in some overlap, and the intersection point will be Avant club, where would have to act respectable British guys - Maybeshewill.
Thus, the club Avant located somewhere in the Kursk railway station. It seems that this was once a plant or something similar.
It seems that the club started to run almost on time, and immediately upon entering, I was shocked the first time.
Perhaps, in this club was the most savage guard, I've ever seen.
The club at first glance seems a cross between a warehouse and a deserted barn - ragged brick walls, protruding from the walls of steel and other industrial charm.Special color adds the missing clothes, whose role is performed hanger near the door, a widely total lack of ventilation and is very small and low stage.
The first impression of the club was very disgusting, perhaps even the famous "Relax" and basement "Chocolate Factory" have been cozier.
While Mooncake was preparing on stage I looked at the audience. Rolls over the number of checkered shirts. I think not less than two per square meter.This, too, I am a little shocked.
And anyway, I think I first saw so many hipsters, gathered in one place. Depressing experience, actually.
Mooncake prepared and started to play. Oh god, what was the sound! Instruments merged into a mess of porridge treble guitar, whistle fuzz and furiously rattling drums, from which emerges periodically cello.

I have been to many concerts, but I can state with full responsibility that it was the worst sound I've ever heard. Even in the concert of Esoteric in 2008, when I stood under the column, and around me for a couple of feet there was none, no sound seemed so lousy.
Mooncake played 4 or 5 songs, of which only one was famous - sluggish track single titled Zaris. Their performance has tired me terribly.
The next were G.A.Z. I did not hear them before, and thought that it might be something spectacular. The first three songs, I confess, I liked. It was pretty peppy Space-rock with lots of electronics. But then they became very weary, and with each subsequent song make me tired more and more. Having played 40 minutes and the resulting wild fatigue, they were gone, and the scene finally got out themselves Maybeshewill.
On the clock by the time was already five minutes to eleven at night. Tell me, dear, is it ok?

MSW pretty quickly configured and started to play.
Their music always seemed to me quite alive and driving, and I hoped that in the hall with their appearance, will begin at least some movement. No way!
It should be noted that from the very beginning of Mooncake's performance almost everyone who was in the audience were mostly motionless, staring at a point just above the head of the drummer. Only rarely started a movement - somebody begins to shake his head, or a man with a sign HOPE raised the nameplate above his head as transporant at the rally.
With the release of MSW nothing has changed. Several people have perked up somehow and even started to jump, the rest continued to be almost motionless.
So I strongly do not understand, why? Why post-rockers such dull and sluggish?It seems to me that doom concert audience more actively.
No, it's fool to expect that here will meet the same cheerful crowd as the concert of D: S: O, but at least - one can not be so amorphous.
I went to a concert with the hope of jumping, you know, but I'm was so much tired of warming, and the sound was so lousy that I had headache in the middle of GAZ's set, and therefore confined myself to trying to sluggish movement.
Maybeshewill, of course, played perfectly. Cohesively, rather skillfully to the style.Communicated a lot with the audience, it seems, trying to somehow shake up - but they still stood a crowd of turkeys.
But I heard what I wanted to hear (at least most of my favorite songs they played). By the last song, He Films the Clouds, Hall even as it quickened - people started to sing along, I noticed even a little crush with intact its four members.
After playing what seemed to me less than an hour, they left.
Meanwhile, it was midnight.
In general, to be honest, I spared I had come. The club was a rare dump, organization - the ugly (well, what normal concert starts at 21.00 with two support bands!?), The audience - depressing and frightening.
Maybeshewill themselves are still good, but in my headphones i like a lot more to listen to them for some reason.
This, of course, far from the worst of the concert, where I was, but the grace from him, too, was negligible.
Caspian, who came last spring, were leaving more positive impressions.
Well, I can not remember about another marvelous thing, seen me on the subway on the way home. It was a lad of 18, very similar to emo, which carried a huge fire ax.Seeing him, I realized that black metal is still alive.

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